Skills Clinics Grow NYS Bicycle Racing

Last month saw several skills/race clinic across NYS.  These clinics are great opportunities for new riders to build the race specific skills that will help them become safer and faster on the bike.  Additionally, clinics can be a great ways to acquire race days or experience points for category 5 and category 4 racers seeking upgrades.

Here are a few pictures shared to us from two recent clinics that were supported by NYSBRA Grants. Don’t forget to check the calendar for more clinics throughout the season.

Plan2Peak Buffalo Skills Clinic (April 21st – 23rd, Buffalo)

“Just a brief note of thanks to NYSBRA for your support of this great event.  By all accounts those that participated where united in saying that this clinic was terrific.  As advertised they all learned how to be more safe, confident and competitive racers going forward.  Here is a post from one of the participants which captures how they all felt.  Special kudos to Coach Peter Cummings for being both competent and professional throughout the 3 days. “Denise Hochul Wonderful clinic!!! Thanks so much BBC for offering this!! Peter and mentors were incredible–I learned so much by observing and doing—so great to have all the assistance and feedback—the training race was great, too!!”  (Robert Johnson – BBC)


BonkWerx Coaching Race Clinic (April 30th – Syracuse)

 “Even with the rain (and a few flashes of lightning), we had 13 participants including 2 new Juniors and 5 brand new racers attend.  For a single day clinic –  we covered A LOT of material –  including protecting your front wheel in a pack, proper high speed (and wet weather) cornering, contact drills and even some basic race strategies.  Feedback was extremely positive on all portions of the clinic, with many of the riders aiming to put their new skills to use in their first ever races next weekend.” (Noel Bonk)


If you have a clinic supported by NYSBRA please send us pictures to share!

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