Praise for NYSBRA grant programs and the clinics, workshops and racers they support.

Tom Weichmann - East Aurora Cycling Club
I wanted to thank NYSBRA for the grants that helped support our new CX race - Sprague Brook CX.  With this help, we were able to provide women and juniors their own fields, offer free racing to all reigning state champions, and also bring in two extra new C officials and get them some real world experience scoring a race  (Tom Robinson and Rich Scaduto).  Without these grants it would have been much more difficult to offer these things.
Ken Hammond - InStride Sports Syracuse
I wanted to thank NYSBRA for everything that it does to help support the sport of cycling and the support given to a NYS Championship. We greatly appreciate you choosing us to represent the state and hope we did it justice. NY is lucky to have a group like NYSBRA to support our love of cycling.
Also, I would also like to thank NYSBRA for the grant to help off set the cost and to be able to provide another official for our race. Having Chris assist with scoring was a tremendous help. It was greatly appreciated.
Noel Bonk - BonkWerx Endurance Sports Coaching

Thank you NYSBRA for your support of the Salt City Cyclocross Spectacular with the New C Official Grant. The grant not only helped to offset some of the costs to run the race, but also allowed a new official (Paul Izyk) to gain experience and exposure working over two race days.  This years event was also our largest registration to date with close to 300 participants, and this grant is a just another great example of how NSYBRA helps local racing. 

Jim Lyman - Kissena

The New York Velodrome Association would like to thank NYSBRA for sponsoring the 2017 New York State Senior Track Championships at the Kissena Velodrome on September 9th and 10th.  The weather was perfect and there almost 150 registrations, which included a schedule packed with Sprint and Endurance Omniums as well as Team Pursuits and Team Sprints.  This was one of the largest and most competitive Men's Cat 123 fields that Kissena has seen in years and even included Keirin races with an authentic Belgian Derney thanks to Sam Zara of USA Derny.  Thank-you NYSBRA! 

Tom Weichmann - East Aurora Racing Club

The 4th annual Plan2Peak: Two Days of Buffalo was a huge success in 2017 growing registration by more than 25% over 2016.  NYSBRA's grants were instrumental getting this race off the ground back in 2014 and continue to help make a great race today.  With NYSBRA's grants we were able to offer all reigning NYS TT, RR, and criterium champions free registration.  NYSBRA's moto grant was also a huge thing for this race.  With no available motos in Western, we brought in a moto, Liz Campbell, from Vermont at a pretty substantial cost due to the distance.  This moto ended up being the MVP of the race, helping with almost every aspect of the event.  Extra Thanks to Liz Campbell!

Fred David - CRCA

Thank you NYSBRA for supporting CRCA's open racing series. This year's series was very successful and saw the reintroduction of the Fort Lee Crit to the season's calendar. NYSBRA moto and official grants helped us ensure that the races were run safely and smoothly. NYSBRA grants are a critical source of revenue for CRCA that allow us to continue to promote a wide variety of open races throughout the New York City region, and we greatly appreciate NYSBRA's support.


Tom Robinson - Buffalo Bicycle Club

The event went great - we had 196 entrants (20 more than 2015) including (3) NYS Champions, (25) Cat 4/5 women  and (9) juniors. Having a moto ref was very helpful in keeping the fields safe and organized, and the grant helped pay for the cost of BOb coming all the way in from Oswego. Grants also enabled us to be able to provide free entry for the (3) NYS Champions, and helped to offset lower reg fees for women and juniors. I can't thank NYSBRA enough for their support in helping the Buffalo Bicycling Club put on a great event. As an add on I got this feedback from a former pro who came down from Canada:

 "You have a really good course. The support was great! For a regional race Ive never seen multiple lead vehicles and two wheel cars (I admit that I drafted off the wheel car for a bit and that was the first time Ive seen a wheel car driver know how to pace correctly at a regional race. ) The competition was really strong. Registration was quick and smooth. You started on time. Honestly, throw in some snow fencing and I thought it was as well run as a lot of the NRCs Ive gone to. I encouraged a lot of the Toronto riders to head down this weekend and Ill keep encouraging them. Dont need to change a thing in my books."

Craig Thaler - Iron Bridge Consulting/Tarmac Cycling

Thank you for supporting the Sixth Annual Downtown White Plains Criterium and host of the 2017 New York State Criterium Championships. The New York State Championship, "C" Officials, and Motorcycle grants were essential for us to run promote a safe and successful race. With the Championship grant we were able to lower the entry fee for our junior racers and accommodate the additional Championship fields. The Officials and Motorcycle grants helped ensure we had a safe and well run race. Taking advantage of the NYSBRA grants available to us are an important part of our race planning each year - they really make a difference.

Peter Martin - CNYC

Thank you for supporting the 15th annual CYLLR. We had a great day of racing and smiles on everyone's faces. Both the NYS Champs Grant and New Official Grants were put to good use. We were able to offer multiple free entries to some NYS RR Champs. And having two officials on hand and their fees supplemented made the race run like clockwork. All the feedback we have gotten so far has been very positive. The grants also allowed CNYC to make larger donations to the Town of New Lisbon for letting us use the Town Hall. As well as to the Local Fire Department and EMT Squads. NYSBRA is making bike racing in New York better and easier for everyone in the bike racing community.

Noel Bonk - BonkWerx Endurance Sports Coaching

Thank you for supporting my race clinic. With the location change I had this year and the costs associated with that, the grant really made a difference in making sure the event would happen.  Even with the rain (and a few flashes of lightning), I still had 13 participants including 2 new Juniors and 5 brand new racers attend.  For a single day clinic - we covered A LOT of material - including protecting your front wheel in a pack, proper high speed (and wet weather) cornering, contact drills and even some basic race strategies. Feedback was extremely positive on all portions of the clinic, with many of the riders aiming to put their new skills to use in their first ever races next weekend. The grant was also instrumental in paying to haveKatina Sayers-Walker, Ed.D. (Integrated Nutrition & Health Coach) attend and speak in detail on race day fueling, which was also very well received by participants. 

Dave Heck - Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Despite the 43 degree temp and occasional drizzle, 62 starters took to the line to compete in the 37th annual Hollenbeck's race. The weather definitely hurt attendance. We had 70 pre-reg and 5 day-of entries. NYS RR Champs registered (supported by a NYSBRA grant) which boosted the race a bit. NACS was easy to work with. They supplied 2 motos which the racers appreciated.

Donald R. Jackson - Army West Point Cycling Team

Can't thank you enough for NYSBRA Support to collegiate cycling.

15/16APR17 the Army West Point Cycling Team held its 34th Annual Army Spring
Classic race weekend, consisting of a team time trial and hilly road race
conducted at Harriman State Park and a short fast criterium on Sunday at
United States Military Academy. The weekend went very well and the cycling
team put a lot of planning and preparation into making the event as safe and
successful as possible for all collegiate and USAC riders, which really paid
off during and after the races. Many racers were especially excited for the
criterium, and overall all participants in the Army Spring Classic seemed
pleased with the weekend events. We are very grateful to NYSBRA for our
grant, which assisted us with meeting the extensive resource demands needed
to host the Army Spring Classic again this year. 

Thanks to NYSBRA's grant, it was a very successful and smoothly run weekend.

Robert Johnson - Buffalo Bicycle Club

Just a brief note of thanks to NYSBRA for your support of this great event. By all accounts those that participated where united in saying that this clinic was terrific. As advertised they all learned how to be more safe, confident and competitive racers going forward. Here is a post from one of the participants which captures how they all felt. Special kudos to Coach Peter Cummings for being both competent and professional throughout the 3 days. "Denise Hochul Wonderful clinic!!! Thanks so much BBC for offering this!! Peter and mentors were incredible--I learned so much by observing and doing---so great to have all the assistance and feedback---the training race was great, too!!"

Fred David - CRCA
Thank you NYSBRA for supporting CRCA's 2017 Bear Mountain Spring Classic and Zach Koop Memorial Criterium at Orchard Beach. Despite some very wet weather at Bear, both races went off largely without a hitch and were successful days for CRCA. NYSBRA moto and official grants helped us ensure that the races were run safely and smoothly. NYSBRA grants are a critical source of revenue for CRCA that allow us to continue to promote a wide variety of open races throughout the New York City region, and we greatly appreciate NYSBRA's support.
Beth Ruiz - CBRC

The 16th Annual NY Capital Region Road Race is complete.  Once again, thank you for the nysbra grant! With these monies, the Capital Bicycle Racing Club provided free entry to five NYS road race champions. NYS champs rode in the pro 1/2/3 men, category 4/60+, 40+ /50+ events. nysbra monies also allowed us to hire two USA Cycling licensed motorcycle officials (Oliver  Holmes and Evan Kretz).

Jim Walker - Team Placid Planet
The NYSBRA Grant is incredibly helpful in helping to fund what we think is an important event--the annual State TT championship. Without the grant we would really be going into the red--not good in a time trial or in putting one on! Thank you NYSBRA!
Ken Hammond - inStride Sports Syracuse

I would like to thank NYSBRA for the grant to help off set the cost and to be able to provide another official for our race. Having Chris assist with scoring was a tremendous help. It was greatly appreciated.

Read more testimonials below!

"Dear NYSBRA Board and Jeff,

Just want let you know what a success the Northeast Official's Symposium was.   We have thirteen new graduates who are now Official C's and Moto C's, of which nine are in New York or close to New York, and will be working New York races soon.   We also had forty attendees at the two day Advanced Officials Clinic.   A couple guest speakers were Tod Manning, one of the lead motos and officials in the country, Gary Kessler, the race director of both Killington and Green Mountain Stage Races, and even Chuck Hodge,the chief official of USAC, via Skype, along with several others.  

We truly appreciate you, Jeff for donating your time and effort in teaching the new officials, and all that NYSBRA does to support the Moto Cavalry.

Thank you so much!" Liz Campbell

"Thank you to NYSBRA for the grants for the Grant's Tomb Criterium.  This was my first time running this race and despite the level of effort required to put it on, it was thoroughly enjoyable.  ... I spent some time talking to some Collegiate racers and their enthusiasm for the sport is great to be around and so I am glad that this race did not disappear this year which was a possibility if CRCA did not agree to help run it with/for Columbia University. ...Money is fungible of course but the grants gave me some confidence to hire our best coach to coach the Men's and Women's intro clinics (Tara Parsons) and also to hire SRAM Neutral support for the race. ...  Numerous riders flatted and were able to quickly and professionally get a wheel change in no time with a quality Zipp wheel, and there seemed to be a pretty constant stream of riders needing assistance before their events - including Amy Cutler who broke a rear deraileur hanger before her Open Women's race - which SRAM NRS replaced/fixed and she went on to win the event."

“The East Aurora Road Race went off well.  Thank you to NYSBRA as our grant allowed us to keep a separate Cat 4 women's field.  The grant also allowed us to hire an extra official increasing the safety and increasing the level of officiating, while providing a level C official additional experience.” T. Weichmann

“Our event attracted time trialists from western New York State and northern Pennsylvania.  The grants we received from NYSBRA allowed us to include many extra categories that we may not have been able to do otherwise.  These grants also allowed us to hire an extra official who worked one of his first USAC TTs, providing him with some needed experience as well as providing our event with a higher level of officiating. Thanks again to NYSBRA for providing these opportunities.” Tom Weichmann

“The Regional Development Camp went very well. I found many of the seminar and question/answer sessions quite valuable. The yoga session was informative, focusing on posture and breathing on and off the bike. In addition, I very much enjoyed meeting riders from other parts of the country.  I learned quite a lot, gained some invaluable experience, and would definitely do the camp again”. Andrew Pryhuber

"Our clinic was great!   The NYSBRA grant allowed us to have a 5-hour classroom and on-the-road clinic rather than just a 2-hour classroom clinic.  Having both made a world of difference and the clinic was much more effective."  Tom Weichmann

"Fact is, the NYSBRA grant enabled us to introduce four brand new officials to the sport at the 2012 Trooper David Brinkerhoff Memorial Spring Race Series within a month of them passing the exam.  Thanks again!"  Constantine Kontogiannis

“The 2012 Trooper David Brinkerhoff Memorial Spring Race Series was a huge success. The three race series drew a total of 771 registrants and 606 starters. This race series, with the support of the NYSBRA, the efforts of Capital Bicycle Racing Club (CBRC), and its volunteers helped raise money for the Trooper David Brinkerhoff Scholarship Fund, the local Coxsackie Ambulance Service, the Coxsackie Police Athletic League and to the Marcus Bohler fund.  Thanks so much for the support of NYSBRA! The NYSBRA Grant Programs are working!” Dave Beals

"The Bloomfield Spring Classic Race turnout was bigger than expected and went off without a hitch.  The “C” official supported by the NYSBRA did a great job.  His involvement, made possible by the NYSBRA grant, improved the safety and quality of the race.  We are greatly appreciative of NYSBRA's role in supporting road racing in NYS."  Mark Paris

Two NYS Road Race Champions Compete at Check Your Legs Road Race

Ad Stabel with NYS Masters Road Race Champion Margaret Thompson












NYS Cat 4 Road Race Champion Randy Hadzor









"Thanks so much for the support from NYSBRA for our new officials grant and Women's 4 and Junior's field grant.  We were able to use these funds to discount entry fees and encourage some of the less experienced and under-represented categories to come out and race. We even brought in a Junior who had almost no previous racing experience, who we hope to further grow in the program.  It is, without a doubt, a great usage of funds to support these racing groups, as they are the future of racing in our sport!"  Brian Klotz

"Thank-you for the NYSBRA mission grant to help defray expenses for attending the Official’s Cat A clinic in Austin. These clinics only run about once a year so I feel privileged and honored to attend.... In short, I learned a lot. The clinic will also make me better at local E events and, I think, a better servant of the LA. Since this was the only clinic scheduled for 2012, I really appreciate NYSBRA’s support as it helped me commit to the time and expense of even further cementing my bond with this sport we all love. Oh, and I passed the test. Thank-you! " Jeff Poulin

"Thank you very much for approving my grant! I love mountain biking and this really encouraged me. " Gili Rusak

"This was my first time going to nationals and it was really an experience to remember (and repeat!). Participating in an event with such a high level of talent and professionalism was a honor. My performance in the race was about as was to be expected. 40th out of 82 was a fine result but next year I am definitely aiming to finish on the lead lap. The course was challenging but the conditions were really what made it difficult, and a different race for every category... I know that every time I race I learn more about how to race better...Nationals was no exception, a great learning experience and I am so grateful to have been able to give it a try this year. Many thanks."  BrittLee Bowman

"As planned we went to Canada prepared to race the largest junior stage race in the world. We gained so much experience from this race, and can finally call ourselves international racers ... We were able to race along side the U.S., French, Danish and New Zealand national teams to name a few ... We all believe we are much better racers from this experience, and now know that we can be competitive in the hardest of races. The experience gained is truly invaluable. We would like to thank you so much for this grant allowing us to participate in the 2011 Tour de L ‘Abitibi. It truly opened our eyes to what our full potential is. Thank you. " John Nesbit, Eli Mernit and Lucca Zeray

"Going to Junior Nationals in Augusta Georgia was a great experience..... on Friday we got to watch the pro races at the velodrome, which was awesome. I had never been to a race at a velodrome, so it was cool to see the races in person instead of on tv. We were very loud fans. Then on Saturday, we got to race at the velodrome, which was just as cool. It was my first time racing on the track, and I loved it. Not quite as much as a nice long road race, but I loved it. Camp was a great experience, both in what I learned and finally getting to hang out with other people my age that love cycling as much as I do." Sam Morkal-Williams

"On behalf of CBRC and Team Elevate, please accept our sincere thanks for your support of the 2nd Annual Women’s Skills Clinic... 18 new cyclists ...received expert instruction in cornering, pace lines, and slow-speed drills... The NYSBRA grant was an essential part of this event." C. Kontogiannis

"Dear NYSBRA, Thank you very much for supporting our efforts to include Women’s Racing clinics in our area. The post-session discussions were all positive and when asked whether the skills learned could be applicable to racing and that it would reduce their anxieties about pack riding, the answer was affirmative...  I would like to thank NYSBRA for funding these clinics." S. Willingham

"What was the best part of Legaci Junior camp? My favorite part of this camp was sprinting "town-lines" with Gordy (Singleton) and the rest of my team. Thanks for the epic experience!" R. Young

"My experience at the Legaci Junior camp this past weekend was very valuable. Among my favorite sessions of the camp was the nutrition talk by an exercise physiology professor. Specifically, I learned about the GI Index and how high vs low glycemic foods are digested and how each should be utilized in training and in racing. I also found the fitting session helpful to make my riding position as comfortable and efficient as possible...I learned quite a lot and I would definitely do this camp again." A. Pryhuber

"I want to thank NYSBRA for their grant, without it I know that it would have been difficult for us to run an event of equal value to the racers or to achieve the same level of success." M. Lyon

For the third year in a row I made the trip out to the Cyclocross National Championships. For the first time I finished the Elite race on the lead lap (although my placing was not my best). Also for the first time I competed in the Masters 30-34 race and am really proud to have earned a medal and the 5th step on the podium. 

I am so thankful for all the support I received to make the journey possible. Thank you to my family, friends, sponsors and team, Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team . And a special Thank you to my state organization New York State Bicycle Racing Association for their repeated support."  B. Bowman

"We held one day of our two day proposed clinic on March 22, 2014. Weather was a challenge and reduced the numbers as well as caused us to cancel the second day, but we covered as much as we could and did spend time on bikes doing the basic skills and drills scheduled for the first day and we were able to do some guided riding with pace line for about 15 minutes. We were also able to get a training race in with some guided coaching at the beginning before things split up in the race.

Overall 11 riders were able to gain some in class time and practical time on bikes implementing the skills. NYSBRA’S assistance in the programs is very instrumental in providing skills to new riders as well as helping them earn upgrades while becoming better cyclists." T. Scheske

"NYSBRA is doing good things for bike racing in New York  State.    Central New York Cyclist received two grants from NYSBRA for this year's edition of the Check Your Legs RR. 
It was great to be able to offer NYS RR Champions free entry.   And the grant for an additional official to work the race made race day run smoothly.

We here at CNYC appreciate the support of NYSBRA and hope to be able to work with them in the future.  Next year we aim to run a separate Juniors field and will apply for a grant to do so.  Cycling needs it's young racers !"  P. Martin

"Our Hollenbeck's race was a success. We had 150 cyclists which was 10 fewer than last year, but I received many compliments about the race. We might introduce a 55+ category next year.  I want to thank NYSBRA for supporting our race with both the Champions and New Official grants. Having NYSBRA as a sponsor increases the prestige of our race and enables us to hold a safe event."  D. Heck

"With NYSBRA’s grant funds we were able to put on a spectacular  and successful race. We used the “New Officials Experience Program” grant to be able to have two more officials than normal so we were able to have an official in every follow car along with our chief judge at the finish and our chief referee overseeing the crew. We were also able to offer free entry to several of the reigning NYS champions  with the “Free Entry for Champions” grant. We had our best numbers in years in terms of our junior and women category four with over ten racers in each category because of the “Junior & Women Cat 4 Separate Field” grant. Lastly, we were able to have a moto official because the “Moto” grant from NYSBRA helped us lower the cost for that."  R. Dalton

"Our 3rd annual EARC & Plan2Peak USAC Skills Clinic was a great success with 24 New York residents having successfully partaken. The NYSBRA grant allowed us to keep costs to a minimum and maximize the experience for all who attended." T. Weichmann

"NYSBRA’s grant made it possible to put on a truly classy NY State Championship.  Thank-you, NYSBRA!"  J. Poulin

"Thank you for supporting our racing activities here in the Capital District. This year’s NY Capital Region RR was a big success with approximately 400 racers in 11 categories. Through your financial assistance we were able to keep the Junior Entry Fee below our costs at only $10, provide training for new USAC officials, increase safety and rule enforcement by using moto officials, and of course providing free entry to any NYS Champions (four state champs participated this year)." P. McDonnell

NYSBRA Sponsored Rider's Recap of 2014 Tour L’Abitibi:  "The first day was a bit of a shock to the legs, but the second day I started to settle in. I was involved in a small crash early in the second stage but chased back and then went back to the car to feed the team. The tt went fairly well, unfortunately I wasn't able to use my tt bike because of those pesky UCI folk (it isn't quite as strict at nationals). And then of course stage 4 was great until about 20 minutes in! For the rest of the trip I helped the team out in anyway I could, mostly accompanying our soigneur until the last day when I was cleared to go in the team car by the medical director. Overall it was a great trip, and although I didn't get to complete the race this year, I saw my team have a very successful rest of the week with one podium and 2 other top ten finishes. I also am very grateful that I was able to race the whole week last year and then have a chance to return this year, which I know is more than a lot of guys get. That realization definitely helped me cope with crashing out this year. Thanks again for helping me with my trip, it has made the financial side of it much less stressful!" S. Morkal-Williams

"Thank you and NYSBRA for supporting us with several helpful grants. The grants are for using moto refs, employing a beginning official, and extending free entry to New York State Champions.   We used Skip Holmes and Nick Rossi as moto refs both days, and they did a great job. It’s a considerable expense to employ moto refs, as you know, and especially when we are located so remotely. We believe that having the motos increased our safety and enhanced competitive fairness (both by enforcing the yellow-line rule). We greatly appreciate the $50 per moto ref per day grant for a total of $200 for the two days. Since the cost of having the motos was near $1000 total (before factoring in the grants), this was a huge help.

We were also glad to have Marta Havrylshyn be part of the officials crew for our road race, and appreciate the $60 grant to offset that cost too. It’s important to replenish the supply of officials and Marta did a fine job.

We extended the “free race to NY State Champs” offer to road race champions in the road race (naturally), but to criterium champions in the circuit race, since we wanted to encourage more crit type riders to attend. Note that we used to hold a criterium as the second day of our weekend but had to part ways with Saranac Lake a couple of years ago and we have not been able to identify another viable crit course in the north country: very few towns have possibilities that do not off the major traffic artery through the valley! So we settled on this nine-mile, relatively flat circuit race course and we think it is a good alternative. Wilmington wants us in their town for a full weekend so that makes things much easier. It was well received by the racers.

Again the $200 will be a big help to us. In fact, taken together, these grants will come very close to putting us into the black for the race weekend. We got a lot of positive feedback on the circuit race (which was new this year) and we feel confident that word will get passed around and we’ll have substantially better attendance for that race next year and our weekend will make some money for local charities, a secondary goal of ours to putting on safe, high-quality bike races!" J. Walker

"Thanks go out to NYSBRA for helping support our upstart Two Days of Buffalo omnium.  Running all 3 stages of an omnium in a urban city environment can be challenging, and NYSBRAs grants allowed us to increase safety by having a moto for all of our fields and extra officials.  The moto helped keep any stray pedestrians etc from hindering the race or making for dangerous situations.  The grants also allowed us to increase the official staff and have an official in our pace cart for all fields in both the stage 2 circuit race and the stage 3 criterium. 

Every year we have been increasing the size and scope of the races we put on and hope to continue doing this.  The Two Days of Buffalo concept will continue to evolve in large part of the help we've received from NYSBRA."  T. Weichmann - Race Director - East Aurora Racing Club, Buffalo, New York

"NYSBRA’s grants allow us to help train new officials and have more motos for rider safety.  Thank-you, NYSBRA!" - J. Poulin - Race Director, Chris Thater Memorial Criterium, Binghamton, New York

"Thanks to the State Championship grant provided by NYSBRA, we were able to bring in a top-notch crew of officials, most of whom have vast experience working the professional events at the Valley Prefered Cycling Center in Trexlertown, PA. They worked side-by-side with local and regional NY officials to provide a safe and fair environment for the racers to compete." Alan Atwood - Race Promoter - Atwood Racing Services, LLC.

 "I would like to extend a great big thank you to NYSBRA. Your grants helped us put on a great 1st annual Cross at the Gow School cyclocross race. The free entry for state champions and the addition of the Juniors and Women's fields helped us draw more participants, resulting in bigger fields and a more competitive event. Our race aimed to introduce junior racers to cyclocross. It was a big success! We had 12 Junior racers; in an area where we are lucky to have 1 Junior racer. Participants loved the course and the “cross weather” (it snowed). We look forward to promoting the event again in 2015. NYSBRA was great help. We are already looking for ways to make the event bigger and better in 2015. Thanks again!" - E. Curtis - Race Director  Cross at the Gow School

"We had a great 2 days of cyclocross.  On the first day there were over 100 participants.  Heard one of the racers talking about how great the course was and that it would likely be the one of the hardest of the series.  The local race promoters got together and resurrected the CNY Cup for cyclocross, a series of races.  The Power Cross race was held on second day.  It was a wet and cold day which likely contributed to the somewhat low turnout of around 60.  But also, we were competing with a big race in the Rochester area.  Even with the weather, the racers were very happy with the event.  I think because of the waffles etc. that were served post-race. 

The grant which we received from NYSBRA made it possible to have an official who also did electronic timing for the event, Andy Ross.  This made life so much simpler for everyone and results available within 10-15 minutes after each race.  This is something the racers really appreciate.  Without this grant it is unlikely that we could have paid for Andy.   Thanks NYSBRA!!!"  - M. Lyon

"Thank you for supporting GVCC with grants for NYS Champs, motos, and the use of C-Officials.  I'm very appreciative of the value you add to cycling in NY State and in helping GVCC to promote our events while managing costs." - M Deats

"Thank you supporting the 2015 Check Your Legs Road Race.  The race was a huge success this year. We had 85 riders, a great weather day and everything went smoothly.

Having a grant for additional new officials was a great. Results were posted quickly. And, officials were able to oversee the race while in progress.

CNYC is the club to the 2014 Junior Road Race State Champ Tom Knight. Tom has improved immensely in the past year. It was super to be able to offer him and other State RR Champs free entries." - P. Martin

"The 35th edition of the Hollenbeck's Spring Classic was a success.  We had 192 racers this year.  That is 42 more than last year!

Thanks, NYSBRA for supporting our race through both the Champions grant and New Official grant.  We had 4 NYS RR Champions at our race.  These grants increased the prestige of the race as well as helping it to run smoothly." - D. Heck

"The FinKraft Women's Beginner Race Clinic was a great success!  We had 22 women come out on a beautiful day up in LaFayette, NY.  Thanks to the NYSBRA grant we received, we were able to put on a great clinic.  Mara Miller was an amazing coach and we were able to put on an impressive and very healthy lunch spread for the ladies as well.  We can't wait to do it again next year.  The smiles and the energy of these women made it totally worth it!" - A. Kneale

"The first running of Plan2Peak Empire Classic Road Race went well this year.  Although our registration was low, we had a nice day and people loved the course.  Having the support from the NYSBRA grants allowed us to get this new race off the ground and are hoping to grow it over the next several years." - T. Weichmann

"Thanks to the NYSBRA grant we had 7 state champions register for the event, with a total registration of 77 riders. Despite temperatures well into the 30s, almost all of the riders actually raced (72 out of 77).  Having that number of top talent riders made for a great racing experience for everyone.  One of the state champions actually offered her free registration to the first female racer to contact her so that we could have an even larger women's field.  Thanks again for the grant!" - M. Wagner

"Thanks for the all grant support from NYSBRA! I really appreciate everything the organization does for the sport, and the grants go a long way to helping us put on a great event." - A. Sylor

"Thanks NYSBRA for the grants - as always they help make the race go over nicely.  We were able to hire extra officials, have a moto official and make our race safer and more fun for all involved" - T. Weichmann

“Thanks to NYSBRA for your great support of local racing and for the NY State Champions program!  Your grant helped us, mentor new officials and put on a first class event worthy of a NY State Championship race!” - J. Poulin

"Jeff, a heartfelt thank you to you, staff and NYSBRA for helping out with grants and officiating the race." - R. Karaz

"The NYSBRA grant month ($270 total) for 1 Level C official and 2 Moto officials will be helpful in financially pulling off a world-class event in upstate New York. Bringing this event back after a long hiatus was quite an undertaking and we are looking forward to being an NCC event again in 2016. We were very pleased with the event and community - both cyclists and non-cyclists alike enjoyed a phenomenal event.

We're please to be able to bring this level of event to the western part of the state providing an opportunity for USAC officials to get experience at a high-level event and work with National level officials. This is a great opportunity on a number of events and we sincerely appreciate NYSBRA's support." - S.  Lydon

"A big thanks to you and NYSBRA for providing grants for officials, motos, and state champs. We had three NYS champs participate in our July 11 event. All results and paperwork were posted back in July. We at CBRC have been able to put the grants to good use on our annual summer road race, and maximize the benefit to the club and racers. Hope to apply again in 2016." - Paul McDonnell

"Thanks to NYSBRA for allowing us to host the 2015 New York State Cyclocross Championships.  The grants we received allowed us to put on a quality event worthy of the championships" - T. Weichmann

"Thank you for the support of my October 4, 2015 West Falls Cyclocross race for the inclusion of a separate women and junior field. I was able to offer the juniors a discounted entry of $1 and offer a separate women and junior race thanks to your donation of $100. 

The feedback I got was that women enjoyed racing in their own event rather than being lapped by maters or cat 5 men.

I appreciate the focus of NYSBRA on developing opportunities for underrepresented categories through this funding mechanism" - J. Roden

"Thank you NYSBRA for supporting the Free entry for champions grant at Cross out Cancer.  I believe this really helps raise the prestige of the jersey and promotes the NYS State Championships" - T. Weichmann

"I'm pleased to announce that we have graduated 35 new Moto Cavalry Cadets in the Class of 2016, who are now C-Officials and Motor C referees.

Of those 35, 22 will be directly available to work in the NYSBRA Local Association.

At this point, they are excited and ready to start shadowing and apprenticing as both on the ground officials and moto referees.

I fully intend to work with NYSBRA and the Cadets to see that they are placed in as many events as possible, as soon as possible, and get them as much training as possible. 

To be honest, I feel this is the best class yet, and expect the drop out rate to be minimal.   As you know, we vetted the people with marginal interest who signed up before the clinics started.  The enthusiasm exhibited during the classes was the highest I've ever seen.  My confidence in the Class of 2016 is huge!

Thank you so much for the grant from NYSBRA.  Without it, I would never be able to make this happen!" - L. Campbell

"Thank you for supporting the GVCC/Legaci Skills Clinic  in 2016.  The weather took a turn for the much colder and limited our participants to the heartiest of beginners!  We did have 6 riders present and were able to cover all the topics and provide mentored race experience for them as well as dedicated time discussing the racing afterwards.  This was likely our smallest turnout in 4 years, but also some of the coldest weather that we were still able to hold the clinic in.

In addition to the skills, we also covered the governing structure and were able to highlight the role of NYSBRA.  I think this is an important aspect for beginners to understand the various entities and become aware of how integral NYSBRA is to supporting and growing the sport in NY.

Thank you for your support.  All proceeds above expenses will be donated to the Jonathan Dechau Legacy Foundation to support U23 rider activities.  Presently we are considering grants for Juniors to attend L’Abitibi and the USAC Talent ID camp in the Finger Lakes." - T. Scheske

"Thanks to NYSBRA for granting us funds to make the Columbia/NYU Cycling race weekend on the 2016 Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference road calendar a great success. We ran 9 collegiate fields at the Rutgers Campus Criterium, with separate races for each level, from Women's A to D and Men's A to E. With Rutgers police and EMS on course, we were able to ensure that all fields ran smoothly and safely. At Sunday's Rockland Lake Circuit Race, we ran the same 9 fields, in addition to a USAC Men's 4/5 and Women's 3/4 race in order to continue to provide opportunities for open and women's racing. Junior racers from the Killington Mountain School, CRCA Development Foundation, and Healthy + Happy Racing all showed up as well. We had neutral support from Tread Bike Shop and a cafe stand from Gypsy Donut. We hired EMS with an ATV, in addition to an ambulance, in order to quicken response time to narrow parts of the road which would've been a challenge to access with a full sized ambulance when racers were on the course. Overall attendance for the weekend exceeded 600 event registrations, despite being on an Easter holiday weekend. We hope to return in 2017 with an even more expansive event!" -J. Strauss

"Grant's Tomb was a huge success this year thanks to the help of NYSBRA, we had over 700 racers that kicked off the racing season in Manhattan under beautiful blue skies.  " - T. Teyber


"The 36th edition of the Hollenbeck's Spring Classic was a success despite the dreadful conditions of rain and 41 degrees.  We had only 89 racers this year, but still turned a slight profit.  That is about 1/2 of last years starters, but it was certainly due to the weather.  We had a group of  junior riders from Canada and a new group from NYC who made the trip.  Based on the enthusiasm of the racers and the positive comments on the race, I'm sure our numbers will be back up again next year.

Thanks, NYSBRA for supporting our race through both the Champions grant ($100) and New Official grant ($70).  These grants increased the prestige of the race as well as helped it to run smoothly." - D. Heck


"Thank you NYSBRA for helping us staff more officials to increase safety with the new officials grants and for helping us offer free entry to NYS Champions for our event.  The Two Days of Buffalo continues to grow and attract riders from all around the world with the help of NYSBRA.  This year we had riders from 5 countries including pros from Germany and Australia." - T. Weichmann


"Camp was a lot of fun and immeasurably valuable. With the combination of  top-level coaches, nutritionists, and Juniors from across the eastern United States the learning opportunities never ceased (also making it a great place to make connections throughout the cycling community). I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to go far in their cycling career!" - T. Whitbeck


"Thank you , NYSBRA for the grant support for The Rock Criterium! Your support helped us run a safe event while growing our fields. This year we were able to put more money in the women's 1-3 race and host our largest junior's field to date. Thank you for all you do for the cycling in NY State!" - T. Sylor


"It was such a nice day of bike racing at the BVTT.   Rain cleared and temps were good.   Everyone...all the racers...volunteers....friends and family had a fun time.   Thanks to NYSBRA for the grant to help make it possible!" - P. Martin


"Thanks for the opportunity to attend the USA talent id camp. It was a great experience that I feel will improve my cycling in many ways. Some of the parts of camp that really made a big impact on me were:

       - learning how to do bike maintenance and the importance of being properly fitted on the bike

       - proper way to do a two person pace line

       - how to eat correctly and how important the correct nutrition is

       - sprinting technique

       - different race scenarios

       - time trial technique

       - makeing friends with other junior riders from all over the country

The coaches were all great to work with and were always willing to spend time with us. The knowledge that they shared and the opportunity to learn from them was invaluable. I'm looking forward to utilizing what I learned the rest of this race season and into the future." - T. McCabe


"On May 22, 2016 the Genesee Valley Cycling Club held the Genesee Valley Park Criterium. This was a new event for the club, having taken over a previously held criterium from an independent promoter. It was a great event for the region to enjoy and the club looks forward to holding the event again next year. This year, because NYSBRA's grant program, we brought in a new race official - Tim Williams and Steve Tondora as a Moto official for the day. Both of the individuals did a fine job officiating the race and we hope to work with them again next year.


This event is intended to provide a solid, local event for the region's racers and help the club continue to grow. This venue requires the use of police to close access to the course and as such, the event just broke even. The grant from NYSBRA will help the club to continue to hold the event as well as cover hard costs associated with producing a sanctioned event." - S. Lydon


"The 15th Annual Capital Region Road Race is a wrap! Once again, thank you for the nysbra grant! With these monies, the Capital Bicycle Racing Club was able to offer free entry to two NYS road race champions, a category 3 female and male, hire 2 moto-refs (one who qualified as “new” -  Shaun Weigand) and two “new” officials, Jeffrey Winnick and Alissa Weigand. Steve Kocik was the Chief Referee for our event." - B. Ruiz


"Despite the early morning start, every single men's field was completely full, with strong women and juniors fields aswell. Although I am not the CRCA Historian, I believe it was the second best attended park race in the Club's century+ of operations -- a strong indicator of the upward trend of competitive cycling in New York." - T. Teyber


"Hello and thank you for consideration and acceptance of our grant application for the Tour De Loop which was held in Oswgeo, NY on August 6th, 2016

This year race saw roughly 160 riders from across New York and Canada come to the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario and enjoy a excellent day of racing. As indicated in our grant application we are challenged with being considered a Cross County Speed Contest  by NYS Department of Transportation which from the start puts our budget roughly $1,000 in the red. With the grant we we were able to extend our budget to be able to utilize motor officials as well as offer free entrance to NYS Road Race champions." - B. Blake


"Thank-you to NYSBRA for providing such great championship events for the State of New York!" - J. Poulin


"The event went great - we had 140 entrants including (4) NYS Champions, (23) Cat 4 women and (7) juniors. Having a moto ref was very helpful in keeping the fields safe and organized, and the grants enabled us to be able to provide free entry for NYS Champions, and helped to offset lower reg fees for women and juniors. The overall racer satisfaction level was very high, and there were no major incidences. " - R. Johnson


"NYSBRA's sponsorship of the event is important to the event's success for many reasons. The first is that as a NYSBRA supported event, the event gains awareness and draws riders from all over the state. Secondly, as a PRT event, this marquis event helps grow the sport and the cycling community as a whole in providing an aspirational event for all types of riders. Perhaps the spectator at the event doesn't start racing the very next day, but it raises their awareness of cycling and someday down the road she decides to take the leap into racing because of the excitement she experienced at the event. Lastly, these events are expensive to produce and NYSBRA's support is crucial in producing the event for many years to come." - S. Lydon


"I attended USAC Talent ID Camp last year in 2015. I learned a lot and met other cyclists that I still see at larger races. When I was given the opportunity to return in 2016 I knew I wanted to. By going a second year I learned that much more about the sport, what was expected of a sponsored athlete, and how I can shape training and nutrition to help me on the bike. The nutrition talk with Mr. Maddern was filled with information and really helped me learn the toll an endurance sport has on your body. Detailed talks with the coaches about tactics, sponsors, and training were very informational and I walked away with a lot that I want to apply to my racing. The coaches were amazing and were super helpful, by talking with us and answering any questions I felt comfortable to ask any cycling related question. The riding was fun because it was with all juniors around my age. I had a great time talking with other cyclists and even gaining information from them just because the sport is different for everyone. I enjoyed having a full schedule but having some down time at night and at meals was a great time to talk with all the different types of cyclists. I thought it was really cool to be able to learn what racing was like for them in different states and environments. My favorite part of camp both years was getting to meet and talk to Gordon Singleton. He broke three world records in the early eighties and told us all about what led up to his career as a professional cyclist. His story was very motivational and it was awesome to be told by Gordon himself because he was open to questions about his training methods, personals thoughts throughout his career, and what it’s like to wear the rainbow stripes. I learned a lot at camp and still had time to hang around in a fun environment and really know what it meant to be a cyclist. Thank you NYSBRA for accepting my grant application and helping me become a stronger and more knowledgeable rider." - G. Lucas


"Thanks for the opportunity to attend the USA talent id camp. It was a great experience that I feel will improve my cycling in many ways. Some of the parts of camp that really made a big impact on me were:

- learning how to do bike maintenance and the importance of being properly fitted on the bike
- proper way to do a two person pace line
- how to eat correctly and how important the correct nutrition is
- sprinting technique
- different race scenarios
- time trial technique
- makeing friends with other junior riders from all over the country

The coaches were all great to work with and were always willing to spend time with us. The knowledge that they shared and the opportunity to learn from them was invaluable. I'm looking forward to utilizing what I learned the rest of this race season and into the future." - T. McCabe


"The Chris Thater Memorial is sincerely grateful for NYSBRA’s ongoing support of competitive cycling in New York. The grants that NYSBRA makes to our events helps ensure continued high quality events for our cyclists by filling gaps in sponsorship and the extensive budget required for a national-level event!" - J. Poulin


"This summer I had the opportunity to race in Belgium thanks to NYSBRA, Foundation Cycling, Asfra Racing Team, and Rod Millot.

I left in early July for 7 weeks and participated in standard Kermesses, Interclubs (large non-UCI races often filled with many national/continental teams), UCI races, and 5-day stage races. The courses were usually flat, which didn’t suit me that well, but that forced me to improve skills I would less likely have to use on more hilly courses. At races it felt like I was drinking from a fire hose: in between jumping over roundabouts, curbs, and avoiding bollards at 30+mph, I was trying to figure out how to move up on such tight roads and avoid being on the wrong side of splits. I learned a lot in the races and hope to use that knowledge back here in the states.

My teammates and housemates were from all over the world. I had the pleasure of befriending people from France, Albania, Britain, Australia, Chile, Israel, Finland, Netherlands, and of course Belgium. It was great meeting people from so many parts of the world, and hope to cross paths with them in the future.

I am now back at university where I have some time for R&R before heading to Green Mountain Stage Race (where I was in the break on the queen stage), the Reading 120, and some local NY cyclocross races. You can track my racing/training on Strava (a sponsor of Foundation Cycling).

Thanks again to NYSBRA from making this opportunity possible. " - S. Moseley


"Hello and thank you for consideration and acceptance of our grant application for the 2016 Cross Out Child Abuse which was held in Oswgeo, NY on October 2nd, 2016


This years race saw roughly 135 riders from across New York and Canada come to the Town of Scriba Park and enjoy a excellent day of racing.  The grant as given allowed for mentoring and instruction to a new official Rick Rodgers who performed at a high level of excellence."- B. Blake


"NYSBRA's sponsorship of the event is important to the event's success for many reasons. The first is that as a NYSBRA supported event, the event gains awareness and draws riders from all over the state. Secondly, as a ProCX event produced in a reachable location, we help grow the sport as a whole in providing an aspirational event for all types of riders. Having held this event since 2008, I personally have watched as children who first got out on the course on 20" wheeled bikes have outgrown the kids race, progressed to the cub junior field and now, this year, one of them took first place both days in the Category 4 women's field!  These kids clamor for autographs from the pros and get their pictures taken as the elite riders are awaiting their podium pictures. Their families make a weekend out of it and they stay all day. The elite riders have also made connections to Rochester - often times staying with the same host families year after year and reconnecting at different destinations throughout the season. Our event especially has helped grow bike racing locally with the introduction just this season of a junior cyclocross clinic and team headed up by the Genesee Valley Cycling Club. This program has 32 kids sign up for it - tripling their goal of getting 10 kids for the first year! They've also found that now parents are getting involved in cross and as a result, our category 5 men and category 4 women's fields have grown significantly as well.

We had a handful of riders who tested out cross for the first time at this event. Just today at the shop, I was able to talk to a customer who before he bought his chain lube, stopped and wanted to say thank you for putting on the event - he had such a great time all weekend.  He had raced on a oneday license and was excited about doing more. I was able to talk to him and explain the benefit of an annual license  and directed him through the process on USA Cycling's website. It's really cool to have such a direct impact.  
Lastly, these events are expensive to produce and NYSBRA's support is crucial in producing the event for many years to come." - S. Lydon
"Thank-you to NYSBRA for this grant to help grow a cadre of qualified officials in WMY!  The grant allowed me to work with seven new C officials in Western NY on all aspects of officiating a CX race, with the focus on scoring on the day of the event.  Leading up to the event and afterwards I worked with the CR on CR duties, and discussed them with the crew at our official’s pre-race and post-race meetings.  I also sent officiating “tidbits” to everyone each day for the two weeks leading up to the race to set the stage.  Those attending and benefiting were:

  1. Mike Cormier (Buffalo)- CR
  2. Mary D’Angelo (Rochester)- timing service
  3. Deb Goodwin (Rochester)- assistant timer and future C official
  4. Vic Sylor (Rochester)
  5. David Grieves (Syracuse)
  6. Tim Williams (Buffalo)
  7. Rick Rodgers (Oswego)"

- J. Poulin

"I would also like to thank NYSBRA for the grant to help off set the cost and to be able to provide another official for our race. Having Three officials was great." - K. Hammond

"NYSBRA's grants for Cross out Cancer really helped create a successful event and attract racers from around the region.  Our racers get involved in the charity fund raiser and the Take a Breath for Life foundation was able to raise a good deal of money for lung cancer research" - T. Weichmann



We’d like to thank you for supporting our event, Supercross Cup, via your targeted grant program. In the past, we have been fortunate enough to receive grants for both new officials and New York State Champions, both areas we feel are of great importance to the competitive cycling scene in our state. New officials are desperately needed, and being able to offer them training at a UCI sanctioned international Cyclocross event is a wonderful experience builder for any official, let alone a new one.

Free entry for Champions is a wonderful program, promoting the very idea of a New York State Champion and giving them a reason to go out and vie for that title.

Again thank you so much for the thankless work you do, and for continuing to support bicycle racing in general and Supercross in particular."

-- M. Romanow


"I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to get some money back via the [Junior] grant for my daughter Katherine.  She had a wonderful time participating in cyclocross events this past season and is now saving for a
cx bike to replace her mountain bike (that she has determined is slow).  The money we received will certainly help."

-- J. Tedesco