New York State Bicycle Racing Association Annual Meeting Minutes

Thank you to everyone who joined the NYSBRA Annual Meeting.

Please find below a few of the highlights from the meeting.  The complete meeting notes are available here. 

2018 NYSBRA Championship Races:

NYSBRA is happy to announce your 2018 Championship Races as follows:

  1. Criterium: Grant’s Tomb Criterium, hosted by Ted Teyber of Century Road Club Association(CRCA), NYC, 10Mar18
  2. Road: Bear Mountain Road Race: hosted by Ted Teyber, Century Road Club Association(CRCA), 12May18
  3. Gravel Grinder: Finger Lakes Gravel Challenge, hosted by Cory Kuhns of Towpath Bikes,Springwater, 12May18
  4. Track: NYS Track Championship hosted by Jim Lyman, New York Velodrome Association(NYVA), Kissena Velodrome; Juniors on 16-17Jun18 and Senior/Masters on 23-24June18
  5. Time Trial: NYS Championship TT, hosted by Jeff Poulin of Tioga Velo Club (TVC) p/b TiogaCompetitive Cycling (TCC), Tioga Center, 15Jul18
  6. Bids for the NYSBRA Cyclocross Championship will open in the spring.


Financial Updates: (refer to the 2017 budget vs actuals posted on-line)

  1. Income: NYSBRA received $24,342 from USAC and $3,050 from other sponsors totaling $27,392
  2. NYSBRA gave out $19,514 in grants to 69 different recipients, including 24 juniors
  3. Administrative costs were only $11,406
  4. Deficit for 2017 was $3,528
  5. Balance forward for 2018 is $30,173
  6. USAC estimates that NYSBRA rebates will drop $2,753-3,547 in 2018 due to reduced membershipand racer days
  1. NYSBRA Partners and other Revenue Sources:
    1. USAC rebates for 2017: $24,342
    2. Bikereg rebates for 2017: $2,353.50 (approx.)
    3. BikeReg sponsorship has been “huge” for NYSBRA to close the gap caused by the eroding USAC rebates so we can continue our outstanding grant program. Please support BikeReg!
    4. NACS rebates: $246.40
    5. Amazon Smile: $23.44 (approx.)