Evaluation Policy

2The NYSBRA Board and Officers evaluate every grant application on its merits to decide if it is a responsible use of NYSBRA finances.  Factors considered include the following:

1.   Purpose?

  • Rider clinic, travel to USAC camp/race, support officiating/volunteering, etc.
  • How does the grant support the mission of NYSBRA?

2.   Who benefits?

  • Is it targeted for a specific person, group such as women/juniors, or open to all?
  • If the grant is to benefit a specific person, what is their track record as a rider or organizer, as applicable?
  • If for a group, how many people are expected to benefit?  The larger the potential group of beneficiaries, the better.
  • If for an open targeted group, how is it open to all in the target group (e.g., all women or all juniors)?  How will it be advertised?
  • If for a closed targeted group, how is the group selected?  The selection method must be clear, fair and open.  How will it be advertised?

3.   How much is requested

  • The more requested (e.g., $500 and up) the more scrutiny it deserves.

4.   How will funds be used

  • The budget should reflect reasonable expenses with a sound plan. It should not simply benefit an individual or club account.

5.   Are the expenses shared

  • Grants that reimburse some but not all expenses, 50/50 split for example, show the requestor’s commitment.

6.   Has the individual or group received previous grants

  • Although there is no predetermined maximum amount per individual or organization, the board seeks to spread the benefits as much as possible and discounts repeated requests from the same individual or organization.

7.   Does the grant and rider qualify in all other regards?

  • Is all essential information on the application?
  • If for junior racers, do the individuals meet basic criteria; e.g., race at least 5 times per season, hold a current license, active over long term, have recommendation of their club officer; etc.

8.   Does the grant fit the long range NYSBRA budget?

  • Has NYSBRA currently exhausted the budget for grants, or this type of grant?

 Grant applications can be sent to nysbragrants@gmail.com