Juniors “United” Ride Recap

Parents, coaches and riders coming togther to build communication and training opportunities for Juniors! Enjoy the ride recap shared by Douglas Toback, a parent of a 12 year old Junior Racer.

And we’re off …..

What an awesome day – far exceeded what was planned.

First off – this happened because of our team coaches and parents! Commitment!  We had parents coming in from everywhere to make this happen – we had someone drive from PA, they came by Van, from the end of Long Island –

Everyone pitched in – Coach Dave (Star Track) drove the support car, Nolan (Cuevas) rode with the group, Maura made the apre ride sandwiches …. Diana got DJ and me out of the house!

Then there are our junior riders!!  The came ready to go –

The first wave of the areas best – State and National champs – cross discipline – with one goal – riding to smile – meeting each other and getting ready to make this a killer year. And it clicked- all our kids, our riders, our racers were talking, laughing and working together. The day was balmy and sunny – I was thinking about wearing shorts

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NYS Champion Spotlight – Mark Wagner

Learn a little more about the current NYS Cat 1,2,3 Track Champion with the NYSBRA Rider Spotlight!


Name: Mark Wagner

Age: 30

Road Category: 4

Track Category: 2

Team: Deluxe Cycles Racing

Tell us a little about yourself: Up until this past year, I was turning wrenches as a bike mechanic, but now I’m working as a mechanic at the Rockefeller University’s power house. The schedule gives me a great opportunity to train and race. Beyond that, I like to go sailing, but it’s really hard to get out on the water once track season is in full swing.

How did you originally get into cycling: My brother convinced me to get a bike for riding around in college, which was in a small town in the middle of nowhere, Missouri. The freedom and fun that the bike offered was unbeatable. I was lucky to go to a school with a collegiate team. None of us really knew what we were doing, but it was great learning about training and going to races together.

What’s your specialty/strength on the bike: Track racing, of course. More specifically shorter scratch races and keirins.

What’s one thing people are surprised to know about you: Once I got hooked on track racing, I all but abandoned road racing. It took me 5 years to get my 5 to 4 upgrade on the road.

What does being the NYS track champion mean to you: Being NYS champion means I have the opportunity, and I would say responsibility, to really help promote and grow the sport of track cycling in the state. I’ve been to enough velodromes across the US to see the results of a dedicated track community that helps racers to train and learn together. For instance, in my ten years of racing, I’ve seen one madison at our track, whereas madison practices are a mainstay at most other tracks, which is especially sad since the name of the races comes from when it was raced at Madison Square Garden.

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