NYS Champion – Dominic Stobart

Learn a little more about the current NYS Cat 4 Criterium Champion with the  NYSBRA Rider Spotlight!

Photo credit – Patrick Schnell Bike Race Photography

Name: Dominic Stobart

Age: 45

Road Category: 4

Team: I ride for Twin Six, a clothing company based out of Minneapolis.

Tell us a little about yourself: When I’m not riding my bike I work as a TV Producer in New York City. At home I have a wife, three kids, two guinea pigs and five bikes.

How did you originally get into cycling: As a kid I raced BMX but was too afraid of crashing to be good at it.

After I left high school I went to London England to study art. Living in a big city is expensive and I soon ran out of money so bought a second hand bike at an auction to get around.  The bike opened my eyes to the city and changed my life forever.
When I left college I got a job as a bike messenger and travelled around Europe racing in messenger events and competing on the track. I’ve been racing bikes in some form or other ever since.

What’s your specialty/strength on the bike: I’m tall and weigh about 175 lbs which makes me a sprinter. I enjoy the tactics of crit races and track races. I’m too heavy to climb hills and too lazy to be good at time trials.

What’s one thing people are surprised to know about you: I do almost all of my winter training on a track bike on rollers. It’s a very low tech set up but very effective!

What does being the NYS track champion mean to you: It’s a huge honor. I’m very grateful to all the organizers and volunteers who put on the races – without them the sport would not exist. I try to always take a moment to thank the organizers at the races that I attend. I think that everyone should do this. This year I want to race as many crits as I can while I’m still champion. I think it will be fun for the other riders to see the jersey in their field. I don’t expect to win anything.

Photo credit – Patrick Schnell Bike Race Photography

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