Criterium State Champions

New York state criterium championships were held along with NRC races this past weekend at the 30th running of the Chris Thater Memorial in Binghamton. The state champions are as follows:

Men Pro-1

  1. Lisban Quintero, W.S. United/MangoSeed
  2. Allan Rego, Champion Systems p/b Stan’s NoTubes
  3. Chase Goldstein, Stan’s NoTubes p/b Proferrin

Women Pro 1-2

  1. Fabienne Gerard, Team Kenda
  2. Raquel Miller, Farm Team Elite Women’s Cycling
  3. Laura Lee, Century Road Club Association (CRCA)/Radical Media

Cat 2-3 Men

  1. Curtis White, Hot Tubes Development
  2. Alessandre Matteucci, Century Road Club Association (CRCA)/ BH Comedy Central
  3. Chris Strumolo, Dave Jordan Racing

Cat 4 Men

  1. Chuck Young, Emblem Racing
  2. Paul Byron, Capital Bike Racing Club (CBRC)
  3. Jack Kane, RUUD Racing/Tioga Velo Club

Masters Men 35+

  1. Craig Polston, TBS Racign p/b Plan
  2. Juan Pineda, unattached
  3. Horace Burrowes, unattached

Masters Men 45+

  1. Anthony Taylor, Century Road Club Association (CRCA)/Dave Jordan Racing
  2. Patrick Gellineau, Team Somerset
  3. Volodym Spontchah, Genesee Valley Cycling Club (GVCC)

Masters Men 55+

  1. Dennis Williams, Pittsford Painting
  2. Volodym Spanthcak, Genesee Valley Cycling Club (GVCC)/Pittsford
  3. Charles Rhoades, RUUD Racing/Tioga Velo Club

Masters Men 60+

  1. Richard Camping, North 40 Photo
  2. Kenneth McGuinness, Capital Bike Racing Club (CBRC)

Masters Women 35+

  1. Carol-Lyn ills, Century Road Club Association (CRCA)
  2. Angela Ott, Mission in Motion/Tioga Velo Club

Masters Women 45+

  1. Ellen Moses, unattached
  2. Nancy Bailey, Pittsford Painting
  3. Marsha Kapinus, Mission in Motion/Tioga Velo Club

Cat 3-4 Women

  1. Tracy Cameron, Century Road Racing Association (CRCA)/ Stan’s NoTubes
  2. Helen Hatch, BH/Comedy Central
  3. Carol-Lyn Mills, Century Road Racing Association (CRCA)/ Houlihan Lokey

Junior Girls 10-12

  1. Madline Smith, Team Wear on Earch
  2. Rory Chea, Star Track NYC

Junior Girls 13-14

  1. Annabella Mead-VanCort, Finger Lakes Cycling Club (FLCC)

Junior Girls 15-16 (none)

Junior Girls 17-18 (none)

Junior Boys 10-12

  1. Cameron Coffey, unattached

Junior Boys 13-14

  1. Parker Chea, Star Track NYC
  2. Garrett Lucas, unattached
  3. Isaac Allen, Bicycle Depot

Junior Boys 15-16

  1. Gianni Polhemus, Capital Bike Racing Club (CBRC)

Junior Boys 17-18

  1. Jonah Mead-VanCort, Genesee Valley Cycling Club (GVCC)
  2. Keane Brennan, GS CycleLife
  3. Spencer Perry, unattached
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