Hosting 2012 NY Championship Races

Anyone wishing to host a NY championship race for Crit, RR, or TT in 2012 please post your intentions to by midnight Sunday, 4Dec.  Please use the simple outline below.

  •    Running a separate “junior champ weekend” has not been feasible so junior champs will be held with the main Crit, RR, and TT events.

  •    Dave Beals will collect bids for the CX champs once this CX season winds down.

NYSBRA has been working hard to build the prestige and quality of our State Champs with Championship Jerseys and grants to promoters that offer free entry to reigning champions.  These should increase participation in 2012!

Extract from our Championship Selection process:

Promoters and clubs that would like to host Championship events should indicate their interest every year in the hopes of establishing a pool of interested clubs and a fair rotation.  Although a location near the geographic or population center of the state is desirable, the goal is to allow championship events to move around the state without prejudice to location.

1.      Any club can offer to host a race up as per the schedule published on by the NYS Schedule coordinator.  As a guideline, bids shall be due by midnight, 30 November of the previous year.  Calls for bids shall be announced on at least 30 calendar days prior to the bid deadline.

2.      Offers to host (“Bids”) must be posted (note: as email) to  Bids must include:

a.      Name of promoter

b.      Name of sponsoring USA Cycling club
c.      Proposed date and location
d.      Description of course (type of terrain, condition of roads, road closure, lead/follow cars, wheel vans, safety, etc.)

e.      Description of venue (parking, facilities)
f.      Description of proposed event (fields, sponsors, prizes, any other factors)
g.      Description of previous experience hosting similar events
h.      Last year the club hosted the championship event.

3.      If there is only one bid to host an event, the offer shall be accepted.

4.      If there are multiple bids, the bidding promoters shall discuss options to achieve a consensus that resolves the multiple offers to satisfaction of all.