Mission Grants

Mission Grants

These grants are for activities that directly support the NYSBRA mission:

NYSBRA will also promote the sport in growing its base of participants, including the fostering and development of lesser represented categories of riders.  NYSBRA will support, both financially and logistically, as many members as possible that develop programs and/or events that aid in increasing the number of USA Cycling licensed members, particularly in the advancement of lesser represented categories of riders.

Grants could be for:

  • Holding rider clinics
  • Events aimed to increase women and junior competitive cycling
  • Starting new races

Here is a Mission Grant Example. Text in red should be replaced with your text pertaining to your grant.

For details please refer to the complete Grant Document on the NYSBRA Resources page

Grant applications can be sent to nysbragrants@gmail.com

1. Mission Grant Program

  • Applications for grants in support of the NYSBRA mission must contain:
    • Purpose for the grant
    • What the benefit would be for the local area and/or statewide
    • How the grant supports the NYSBRA mission
    • Amount requested
    • How the money will be spent
    • Budget
    • Previous experience with event
    • Contact info: name, address, phone, club affiliation, e-mail address
    • Other information as applicable
  •  Grants will be considered for the following example activities:
    • To conduct training camps, rider skills clinics, Official’s clinics, etc
    • To assist in establishing new competitive events for lesser represented categories of riders (e.g., juniors and women)
    • To defray costs of promoting NY State Championship events
    • For individual riders needing funds to participate in junior or elite national or world championships or similar events. Normally, the maximum grant amount per rider per annum will be $500. The priorities for grants made to individuals will be 1. Worlds, 2. Nationals, 3. Other major events and master riders.
  • Grants will not be considered for:
    •  Personal financial gain
    • Increasing or supplementing prize lists at races or other events
    • Purchase of equipment/supplies for use by individual persons or organizations


Here is a suggested curriculum for a basic competition skills program:


It is designed for delivery by a licensed USAC Coach.  Goal is to help a beginner rider be more comfortable in the peloton, more competitive when racing and to be safer.   Such clinics must not advertise “clinic credit” without prior approval of NYSBRA.  Clinics may apply for NYSBRA Mission Grants to off-set expenses. Clinics must be permitted by USAC with participants uploaded to USAC database upon successful completion of the clinic.

1 race day towards Cat 4, 1 point towards Cat 3:

–          Minimum 2 hrs training time

–          Taught by a NYSBRA approved USAC licensed coach or instructor

–          Primarily classroom instruction with some on-bike drills


2 race days towards Cat 4, 2 points towards Cat 3:

–          Min 4 hrs training time

–          Taught by a NYSBRA approved USAC licensed coach

–          Course outline provided to NYSBRA in advance

–          Some classroom with mostly on-bike drills


3 race days towards Cat 4, 3 points towards Cat 3:

–          Min 8-hrs training time, possibly over multiple days

–          Taught by a NYSBRA approved USAC licensed coach

–          Course outline provided to NYSBRA in advance

–          Classroom instruction on riding techniques and race tactics (sample outline available)

–          Extensive on-bike drills

–          Must include at least one training race with on-bike coaching (min distance 15 miles)