Junior Development Grants

Junior Development Grants

These grants put up to $100 directly in the pocket of Juniors who race!

To be eligible, the Junior must have a USA Cycling Racing License, provide evidence of participation in at least five USA Cycling competitive events, and an itemized list of expenses up to $200.  Expenses include the USAC license fee and entry fees to USA Cycling sanctioned races and events.  NYSBRA will pay back up to half, or $100!

To apply, just email nysbragrants@gmail.com the above information with a statement from an officer of his/her club verifying the claimed reimbursement and stating that the Junior is deserving of NYSBRA’s support.

Here is an example of a Junior Grant.  Text in red should be filled in with your own information pertaining to the rider.

(Grant requests must normally be made in the same calendar year as the expenses to be reimbursed.)

For details please refer to the complete Grant Document on the NYSBRA Resources page