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NYSBRA Grant Program, Updated 15 Mar 2017, ver. 16

The Mission of NYSBRA is to promote amateur bicycle racing in New York State. Specifically:

NYSBRA will also promote the sport in growing its base of participants, including the fostering and development of lesser represented categories of riders. NYSBRA will support, both financially and logistically, as many members as possible that develop programs and/or events that aid in increasing the number of USA Cycling licensed members, particularly in the advancement of lesser represented categories of riders.

NYSBRA has established this NYSBRA Grant Program to accomplish this mission. Organizations (i.e., USA Cycling clubs registered in New York State) and individuals (i.e., residents of New York state holding a valid USA Cycling racing license) are eligible for and may apply for NYSBRA grants by email to nysbragrants@gmail.comsubject to the guidelines below. There are three types of grants:

There are three types of grants:

  1. Mission Grants, for most general mission-related activities,
  2. Junior Development Grants, a streamlined payment directly to Juniors who race,
  3. Targeted Grants, budgeted for specific annual events in support of our mission.

For details please refer to the complete Grant Document on the NYSBRA Resources page

Grant applications can be sent to